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Last updated: 3/25/2019

Hey, name’s Niven. I’m a student, I like math, and this is a place for me to write about that. When I started this blog, I think I envisioned it largely being focused on teaching some imagined audience about some of the highlights of mathematics 1; however, this ideal has appealed to me less and less as time passes, so I’m not sure what style of post I want to write. A few of my more recent ones have been of the “I’ve heard or thought about something interesting and writing a post on it will force me to think through the details” variety, so maybe I’ll keep doing things like that. The point of this is just to say that I’m still 2 trying to figure out what this blog actually is, so if you look at posts written, say, a year apart, they’ll possibly seem different in character.

I’m fairly confident that a single digit number of people regularly read this blog 3, so I’m not that concerned with things looking super polished. That is to say, everything is written in one take without using spell check, so small errors exist 4. However, since you have stumbled upon this blog, I’d love to hear some feedback so leave a comment 5 or shoot me an email or tell me what you think through whatever means please you.

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  1. Vaguely in the style of Math ∩ Programming which I often enjoyed reading at the time. 

  2. And likely always will be 

  3. Including me in case you were hung up on how many digits 0 has 

  4. Hopefully mostly grammatical and not mathematical 

  5. On this page or on a post.